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Prince Lionheart: 2-in-1 diaperDEPOT




Double your diaper changing real estate! Two Changing stations in one!

Baby doesn’t mess around at 3 am, and neither should you. Know where things are so you can find them in the dark. Get Baby clean and get back to sleep. Keep it on a dresser, in a cabinet, or hang it on your changing table—you can even split it up and have two stations where you need them most. Light, durable, easy to carry—it brings order to a task that, at times, can be anything but orderly. Hang it, flip it, stack it, make it your own!




Multiple configurations - make it work anywhere
It’s versatile, so separate it to organize two changing stations or have one big changing station where you need it most
Positioner secures our legendary wipesWARMERs in place
Detachable hook allows a station to hang from a changing table
Made in the USA from 100% recycled material
Widht: 8.5
Height: 8.75
Length: 10.125
Cubage: 753.046875

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