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Prince Lionheart: WARMIES wipesWARMER




Save the landfills

Specially designed for use with WARMIES® reusable cloth wipes—the eco-happy way to wipe. Using reusable wipes for your baby keeps tons of trash out of landfills annually, making WARMIES® the environmentally-conscious decision. And that's a good thing.




Specially-designed three part heating system heats wipes evenly
EPA-approved anti-microbial additive—no more icky germs!
Night light for nighttime diaper changes
Four Warmies reusable wipes and a patented Ever-Fresh pillow included
Compatible with Prince Lionheart's diaperDEPOTs
Widht: 5.25
Height: 7.5
Length: 10.5
Cubage: 413.4375

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