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Nook: Pebble Pillow Jr.



Pebble Body Pillow Jr.

Give your child the love of a Pebble with their very own Pebble Pillow Jr.!


Organic, Breathable and Perfect for Your Kids

With all of the milestones your toddler will meet, his very first pillow is an exciting "first" on his journey to becoming a big kid! Nook's Pebble Pillow Jr. is just the right size for your growing little one and will make the trek from his toddler cot to his big boy bed.


About the Pebble Pillow Jr.

The Nook Pebble Pillow Jr. is filled with 100% organic kapok and is made in the USA!



14" x 20"

2 lbs.

Eucalyptus, Organic Cotton, Zinc, Easy-Close Nylon Zipper

Organic Kapok

For pillow wrap, machine wash cold alone with mild detergent and tumble dry low heat. ​ Do not use fabric softener or chlorine bleach. ​ Spot clean pillow core.

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